Saturday, 13 November 2010

Communication channels with your customers

I was annoyed by a sales call today ...

A saleswoman called me up when I was having lunch today, trying to cross sell some magazine titles to me. I asked her to email or fax the information to me instead, but unfortunately she declined. Apparently she is only responsible for making sales calls.

Everyone has his/her own preferred means of communication. One of the 'tricks' in managing the boss is to know whether he/she prefers verbal or written communication. The same principle should apply to managing your customers. Do you know or have you asked your customers whether they want to receive sales calls, emails, SMS or the conventional flyers? Does your organisation have the flexibility to enable your staff to communicate to different customers differently?

I am pretty sure that if I had received an email today from the salesperson, I would have a 50% chance of ordering some new magazine titles.  Tough luck for the woman on the line.

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